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i know: i never
drink enough water; prefer
to pray on my knees only when everyone else
is standing; when to hide and
when to dance my litanies
among the lilacs in the field

i am trying to change: how i get
angry when little hands tap my forehead
as i’m drifting off to sleep (their world
is so alive with stories that must be told);
the way my own fingers find
all manner of scabs on the skin on the heart,
picking picking

i would like to understand: why her voice
moves through me, marks time like sand
in an hourglass; what i will do when the last
grain falls.

Alison Davis is an educator, author, and activist living in Northern California. She holds degrees from Very Prestigious Universities but sees her willingness to be like Rumi and gamble everything for love as her greatest credential. Her writing has appeared in numerous scholarly and literary publications, including The Sun and SAUTI: Stanford Journal for African Studies

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