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2nd Place Winner - 2022 Box Poetry Contest

tax salt like the earth
is taxing. taxing to be alive, our
feet tax the earth, drum
repercussion like cannon-fire. earth,
be percussion like sand grains
rain drops evaporate salt tax.
foot steps evaporate white men, church
resuscitate like dried pages,
like earth, like dried sand grains
earth repercussion like dried sand grains.
earth reap her due in dried pages
ink hungry. we hunger like dry salt
for rain drops. rain drops evaporate salt
tax. taxing to be alive, we tax earth like canon
fire. we fire earth like salt
tax. drop repercussions like white man.
own resuscitation like dried earth. 

Anna Genevieve Winham writes at the crossroads of science and the sublime, cyborgs and the surreal. Anna serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Passengers Journal and the Journal Coordinator for Oxford Public Philosophy. She was Ninth Letter's 2020 literary award winner in Literary Nonfiction and placed in the Mikrokosmos 2020 Poetry Contest and Writer Advice Flash Fiction Contest 2020. Anna writes and performs with the Poetry Society of New York, moonlighting as Velvet Envy in The Poetry Brothel. Her prose appears or is forthcoming in We'll Have to Pass, Brooklyn Magazine, The ORB, Grist Journal, Romper, Meetinghouse Magazine online, Majuscule, Rock & Sling, The Radical Art Review, Tilde~, Gold Man Review, Hash Journal, and others. You can find her poetry in New York Quarterly, Q/A Poetry, Panoplyzine, Meniscus, Wild Roof Journal, High Shelf Press, Cathexis Northwest Press, OROBORO, and others. While attending Dartmouth College (which was the pits), she won the Stanley Prize for experimental essay and the Kaminsky Family Fund Award.

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